Care Guide

DOMYO ensures that every product is personally handmade by skilled craftsman, utilising traditional  techniques that  have been passed down from generation to generation over 300 years. We hope you will be enjoying wearing our product.


  • The thread we use for all the products is 100% silk.
  • As our products are dyed and braided all by hand, there is apossibility that they may be slighyly different in size and appearances.
  • This tie must be dry-cleaned, and not wash by hand.
  • Piease take caution not to expose this product to water, because the colours of the thread may run.
  • Please  avoid direct sunlight, or the colours of this product may get faded or turn yellow.
  • Please handle with care. The silk thread of product may break if it gets caught by nails or any sharply pointed object.
  • SIlk products are extremely delicate. We would recommend using the box to store the prodact when it is not used.

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We will send the products in the cushioning package with fine gift box.